Project – Innovative techniques for archaeological fieldwork

Archaeological Heritage

Digital platform for innovative sensor techniques for archaeological fieldwork

In recent years, the field of archaeological research has seen many innovations to address pressing challenges and answer research questions. The aim of the ARCfieldLAB project is to provide an overview of innovative methods and sensor techniques used in archaeological fieldwork through a digital platform. The platform will help make this knowledge widely available, while engaging practical examples will show how these techniques can be successfully applied. ARCfieldLAB’s target group includes researchers and students at higher education institutions as well as archaeologists and other specialists, whether they are self-employed or work for an archaeological company or municipal or provincial archaeological service.

One important innovative technique is drone photogrammetry, a ‘remote sensing’ technique that can be used to scan the ground surface in very high detail. This makes it possible to obtain and map information about archaeological remains, allowing researchers to document surfaces and complex structures relatively quickly during an excavation. ARCfieldLAB will identify methods and techniques for both terrestrial and aquatic soils. Interest in innovative archaeological fieldwork and documentation techniques has increased significantly over the past few years, but further progress could be made by improving cooperation between the various parties involved, sharing knowledge and developing quality criteria. To encourage knowledge exchange, a number of workshops will be organised to explain the potential of innovative fieldwork techniques and share experiences. With a view to stimulating multidisciplinary collaboration, participants in these sessions will include archaeological professionals as well as academics and technology experts.